When we play matchpoint bridge we must be very careful to not only win every trick that is available but also be very fine on our choice of games, part scores and slams. In matchpoint bidding the partnership that scores 420 when the field is scoring 430 will result in a very bad score. IMP strategy is almost the opposite of matchpoint scoring in many ways.   In IMP scoring we must strive to find the safest contract, avoid going for a number, strive to bid our vulnerable games and many other strategies need to be considered:
  • Part Score or Game
  • Game or Slam
  • Which Game
  • Balancing
  • Sacrifice Bidding
  • Doubling for a one, two, or three trick set
  • Vulnerable or Not Vulnerable

    I will try to describe these strategies this week and there is an excellent IMP v Match Points web page HERE
    There is one item on the IMP v Match Point web page that I either do not agree with or do not understand. That is "6. Taking out Insurance".