Some Bridge Don't's:
  • Never lie about your major suit holding. Lie about your minor suit holdings all you want - bid three card suits, two card suits and singltons or voids. If you respond 1 to an opening bid always have at least four spades.
  • Don't double slams unless it is a lightner double.

  • Don't be 'pigish'.  If you are already getting a top don't try for more.  Two examples:
    If you try to sacrafice at 4 and they bid 5, do not double them.  Most pairs will be in 4. You will get a very good board by defeating 5, not doubled.  You gain little or nothing by doubling;  however you will get a bottom if they make 5 doubled.
    If the opening lead gives you a trick which allows you to make your imposible contract, do not risk your contract even slightly for an overtrick.  Take your good result and run.