On Wednesday the 14th at the Bridgelady's club I picked up this hand sitting east in the second round:
Board 11
Dealer: South
VUL: none
Opening Lead: a small
The East Hand
A98 AQ76 AJ A762
The Bidding:
South  West  North  East
Pass     1    Pass    6NT
Pass     Pass  Pass

The reason I did not bid 1 is because I would like to get a heart lead. It is important to remember that when we bid the opponents sees every bid we make.  Also, since my partner's hand is still unlimited I should be promising all the aces for my 6NT bid so that he can bid 7 or 7NT if he has the values to do so.


DUMMY:          KJ6 K53 Q85 K1084

DECLARER:    A98 AQ76 AJ A762

trick 1: 4 5 K A
trick 2: 2 9 10 5

The clubs broke 3-2 the hearts broke 3-3, so I won 3 diamond tricks, 4 club tricks, 4 heart tricks, and 2 club tricks for a total of 13 tricks

It is true that NORTH should not have played the K and SOUTH should have split his club honors;  but, perfect defence is rare at the club level.   C.R.


I would like people to send me hands, lessons, or stories about bridge for this spot.  It does not have to be perfect and I will give you credit for what you send me only with your express permission.