May 8, 2015

Out of 6 billion humans, the troublemakers are just a handful.
Dalai Lama

"Colonel Tavington, why, after six weeks, am I still here at Middleton place attending a ball in South Carolina while I should be attending balls in NORTH CAROLINA?"
— Lord General Cornwallis (Tom Wilkinson), The Patriot (2000)

Let thy maid servant be faithful, strong, and homely.--
Benjamin Franklin

Jurassic Park (1993) (part 49 of 53)
  • Some have criticized that Jurassic Park (1993) didn't have the universal appeal of Steven Spielberg's earlier films.
  • Brian Cox was interviewed for Muldoon
  • Steven Spielberg considered hiring Bob Gurr to do the full size dinosaurs because he was impressed with his apes in the "Kongfrontation" ride at Universal Studios.
  • Jurassic Park (1993) was a phenomenal success, with audiences packing cinemas in record numbers, and even the filmmakers themselves were amazed by what they had pulled off.
  • According to storyboards, the first scene with the T-Rex played out like this: the kids were in the car with a character called Regis who showed Tim the goggles; Grant had glasses and a beard (like in the novel) and had Gennaro as a passenger; Lex was kicking her legs over the front seat and Tim stopped her when he heard the T-Rex and he still had the goggles on; Gennaro had more hair; Lex looks at the roof before the leg lands on it, with the chain still attached; a shot of the car from the T-Rex's side of the fence; Tim sees the T-Rex touching the fence through the goggles; the danger sign also lands on the roof; when the T-Rex first steps out onto the road, its foot hits the ground; a POV shot of Tim watching the T-Rex circle the other car; the T-Rex eying Grant and Gennaro through the car and Grant using a radio to warn the kids not to move; Tim and Lex looking up at the T-Rex through the roof as it looks in at them; a wider shot of the T-Rex attacking the roof; Tim and Lex both crawling through the mud; the T-Rex watching Grant wave the flare from her POV; Gennaro runs from the car but doesn't wave a flare like Malcolm; the T-Rex gives chase knocking Grant out of the way; Tim is unconscious in the car and than tries to get free; the T-Rex looks in at Tim with a mouth full of mud, etc.
  • In storyboards, the second scene with the T-Rex plays out with Muldoon who has a mustache; Muldoon and Ellie are back in the car already with Malcolm when the T-Rex attacks; more dialogue with Muldoon saying they'll find Grant, Lex and Tim when the motion sensors are working again just as Malcolm hears the T-Rex, etc.
  • In a storyboarded but unused scene, Lex walks towards Grant and Tim when a baby Trike appears behind her; it knocks her, sending Lex flying; Lex turns and sees the Trike, etc.

  • The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself.
    Douglas MacArthur

  • In the 40's, the Bich pen was changed to Bic for fear that Americans would pronounce it 'Bitch.'
  • Snoopy stood on two legs for the first time in a 1958 strip.
  • Snoopy and Charlie Brown appeared together on the March 17th, 1967 cover of Life Magazine. The Apollo X astronauts took the duo into space in 1969.

  • Which of the following words don't belong in the group and why?


    “Cultivate the garden within

    “We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon.”

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