May 3, 2015

Fake is as old as the Eden Tree
Orson Wells

[in response to an Italian man on the train asking what he does]" I fight against fascism. That is my trade."
Kurt Muller (Paul Lukas), Watch on the Rhine (1943)

The gambling known as business looks with austere disfavor upon the business known as gambling.
-- Ambrose Bierce

Jurassic Park (1993) (part 44 of 53)
  • After the dinosaur molds were done, they were put over robotic skeletal structures. The next stage was movement. Phil Tippett wanted Steven Spielberg's storyboards done three-dimensionally with clay to flesh out the scenes and give them dimension, called Animatics, to act as a template.
  • Steven Spielberg wanted the dinosaurs portrayed as animals and not monsters, hence Grant's line to Lex. Paleontologists were brought in to do that, like Jack Horner and Robert Bakker, two of the world's foremost dinosaur experts. Horner vetoed an idea that Raptors had snake tongues because that would sabotage his theory that they're related to birds.
  • Go-Motion was used to see how the dinosaurs moved, but Steven Spielberg was very keen on the effects lacking any Go-Motion jerkiness; while his children bought into the early animations, he didn't.
  • Steven Spielberg studied the effects sequences on Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), The Abyss (1989) and Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) to help prep him for work on Jurassic Park.
  • Phil Tippett was disappointed that Steven Spielberg wanted 100% CGI and no Go-Motion, but Tippett became the director of the CGI dinosaurs, almost like an animal trainer.
  • Location shooting began on the Hawaiian island of Kauai in August, 1992 for three weeks. Kauai was chosen because it was the perfect environment if you wanted to see a dinosaur and it was strong visually. Steven Spielberg wanted the park itself to look as real as possible.
  • Steven Spielberg didn't cast movie icons but good actors to ground the film's fantasy in reality. He felt the cast was so good that you really rooted for them.

  • Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
    Dalai Lama

  • There are 63,360 inches in a mile.
  • There are more than 200 different types of Barbie Dolls.
  • A man irate about his income tax paid Uncle Sam with a plaster of Paris check that weighed several pounds. He wasn't all that bright, because once the government cashed the check, it was returned to him and he had to keep it for five years for his records.

  • How do you make "one" disappear?

    A bicycle can't stand on its own because it is two-tired.

    If thou art a man, admire those who attempt great things, even though they fail.

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