April 17, 2015

You've got to jump off cliffs and build your wings on the way down.
Ray Bradbury

"Either she's evil, or she's two years old. She wants what she wants when she wants it."
— A.D.A. Ben Stone (Michael Moriarty), "Law & Order: Happily Ever After" (1990)

America is a mistake, a giant mistake!
--Sigmund Freud

Jurassic Park (1993) (part 28 of 53)
  • The character played by Cameron Thor is named Lewis Dodgson. Author of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," Lewis Carroll was born with the name Charles Dodgson. Since both the first and last names of the character are written with the less common spellings which Carroll used, this is a fairly obvious nod to him, although the reason for the joke is unclear. Lewis Carroll's novel is referenced again when Nedry names his program to sabotage the park security systems "White Rabbit."
  • In a moment of the movie, one Velociraptor appears in head shot illuminated with a computer screen full of four letters repeated time and time again: "ACGT". These letters are the acronym for Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine and Thymine, the DNA's base pair.
  • Malcolm's speech to Hammond about the dangers of Jurassic Park are condensed from the novel: "Scientific power is like inherited wealth: attained without discipline. You read what others have done, and you take the next step. You can do it very young. You can make progress very fast. There is no discipline lasting many decades. There is no mastery: old scientists are ignored. There is no humility before nature. There is only a get-rich-quick, make-a-name-for-yourself-fast philosophy. Cheat, lie, falsify - it doesn't matter. Not to you, or to your colleagues. No one will criticize you. No one has any standards." This may have been edited by the film to make Malcolm seem less arrogant.
  • In the egg-hatching scene, a new-born baby triceratops was originally supposed to come out of the egg, but it was changed to a velociraptor.
  • Tim makes references about Robert Bakker and his dinosaur book. Bakker was a technical advisor on Jurassic Park (1993).
  • On 11 September 1992, Hurricane Iniki hit the island of Kauai, delaying production of the film. Much of the crew helped in the clean up.
  • Robin Wright was offered the role of Dr. Ellie Sattler.

  • "We appreciate frankness from those who like us. Frankness from others is called insolence."
    André Maurois

  • Four of the first six presidents of the U.S. were 57 years old when they were inaugurated. No other presidents have been inaugurated at that age.
  • Shampoo was first marketed in the USA in 1930 by John Breck, who was the captain of a volunteer fire department.
  • Vellum, a fine-quality writing parchment, is prepared from animal skin: lambs, kids, and very young calves. Coarser, tougher types are made from the skins of male goats, wolves, and older calves. Vellum replaced papyrus and was superseded by paper.

  • I have a heart that never beats,
    I have a home but I never sleep.
    I can take a mans house and build anothers,
    And I love to play games with my many brothers.
    I am a king among fools.
    Who am I?


    “As is the gardener, so is the garden"

    “I've got to pick myself up Dust myself off And start all over again.”

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