February 11, 2015

Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who wants to live in an institution?
Groucho Marx

"You are in more dire need of a blowjob than any white man in history."
— Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams) Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)

"Grown men should not be having sex with prostitutes unless they are married to them."
Jerry Falwell

The Shawshank Redemption (1994) (part 17 of 19)
The trivia items below may give away important plot points.
  • There are only two women with speaking roles in the film: the customer who complains about Brooks' service at the grocery store, and the lady who attends to Andy at the bank following his escape.
  • Author Trademark: [Stephen King]: [237]: After Andy has escaped, the warden wants them to question Red. When they call to open Red's cell they shout, "Open 237!" This is the same number as the room in The Shining (1980) and the amount of change ($2.37) the four boys in Stand by Me (1986) collect between them.
  • There are several similarities to the Alexandre Dumas père novel, "The Count of Monte Cristo" (which is also mentioned during the film). The Dumas novel involved a man falsely imprisoned for a crime, who later makes a daring escape. After escaping, he acquired hidden treasure which he learned about in jail, and executed a plan of revenge against those who imprisoned him.
  • Buxton, where Andy says he proposed to his wife and buried the "treasure" for Red under the tree, is a real life small town in Maine (population 7452 as of the 2000 census) about 15 miles west of Maine's largest city of Portland, where Andy was a banker.
  • In 2007, two inmates of Union County Prison escaped from their prison using similar techniques to those featured in the movie. Their (partially) successful escape led to the suicide of prison guard Rudolph Zurick. When the two convicts were recaptured, they denied responsibility for Zurick's death.

  • In youth we learn; in age we understand.
    Marie Ebner von Eschenbach

  • The world's widest river is the Amazon river.
  • The oldest public park in the U.S. is Boston Common.
  • The surface speed record on the moon is 10.56 miles per hour. It was set in a lunar rover.

  • How many letters are in the alphabet?

    A closed mouth gathers no foot

    “From childhood’s hour I have not been
    As others were—I have not seen
    As others saw—I could not bring
    My passions from a common spring—
    From the same source I have not taken ”

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