January 30, 2015

The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that's also a hypocrite!
Tennessee Williams

[Smashing the door to bits with an axe] "Wendy, I'm home. "
— Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson), The Shining (1980)

It is terrible, and I mean terrible, nuisance to be kin to the president of the United States.

The Shawshank Redemption (1994) (part 5 of 19)
  • After the film gained popularity, Ted Turner sold the television rights to TNT, his own network, for much lower than normal for such a big film. Because it is so inexpensive to show, the film is broadcast on TNT extremely often.
  • Kevin Costner turned down the role of Andy Dufresne, a decision he strongly regretted later on.
  • Director Frank Darabont decided not to have the deleted scenes on the DVD release of the film because he's embarrassed by them and doesn't want them to be seen publicly.
  • The film's initial gross of $18 million didn't even cover the cost of its production. It did another $10 million in the wake of its Oscar nominations but the film was still deemed to be a box office flop.
  • The prison that played Shawshank, the Ohio State Reformatory, now serves as a museum. Because it was scheduled for demolition at the time of filming, several set pieces remain intact in the prison, including the tunnel Andy crawled out of and the warden's office.
  • Stephen King sold the rights to the novella Rita Hayworth & Shawshank Redemption very cheaply out of his friendship with Frank Darabont. They had originally become friends when Darabont adapted a short story of King's called The Woman in the Room (1983) (King has a policy stating that any aspiring filmmaker can adapt his short stories for a buck) and King was thoroughly impressed. They maintained a pen pal relationship and didn't actually meet until Darabont optioned Shawshank.

  • "Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers."

  • According to the Airport Council International, Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta, Georgia is the busiest airport in the world. Hartsfield served 73,474,298 passengers in 1998, followed by Chicago O'Hare, Los Angeles, and London's Heathrow.
  • The escalator in the CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia is the longest freestanding escalator in the world, rising 160 feet or approximately eight stories in height.
  • Andrzej Makowski is the youngest person on record to receive a driver's license. He received his license when he was just 14 years and 8 months old.

  • What is:
    The beginning of eternity
    The end of time and space
    The beginning of every end
    And the end of every place

    Ferengi Rules of Acquisition
    285. No good deed ever goes unpunished

    “If we don't end war, war will end us.”

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